Our Story

Luxury doesn't have to mean expensive.

Sometimes as men we prioritize needs of our families.

Life sometimes gets in the way grooming becomes secondary and  luxury gets lost.

This is when sometimes we simple neglect ourselves and our grooming needs. Not intentionally, Life just sometimes gets in the way.

Intrinsic is designed as a personal Luxury for the man that deserves it.

Why not choose a brand that represents, old school and new school styles without breaking the bank.

Intrinsic Shaving is not just a brand, it’s a Lifestyle!


Intrinsic Shaving can help you create your own story. Let Intrinsic give you the self-confidence with a great shave, manicured beard, smooth body care, and tantalizing baldness.

Intrinsic Shaving, the Evolution of Grooming.


Be The Hero Of Your Own Story!

Mjayi's Grooming Tips



Hot water and our microfiber cloth provided provided by INTRINSIC and unique KENZO & YAATA Non-foaming shaving cream is the best preparation for the best shave.


No Lather Up

Use the INTRINSIC shaving brush on your chosen KENSO OR YATTA shaving cream. It's different from what you normally use. The brush makes it easier for your face or head applications.


When you care for your skin you use the best. INTRINSIC has two shaving creams to choose from: KENSO for face shaving & YATTA for bald heads.


INTRINSIC has a non-alcoholic, non chemical after shave to protect your skin. Massaging your skin with an ice cube fo 60 seconds followed by intrinsic aftershave and watch your skin thank you!



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