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The Evolution of Grooming 



 In particular, the struggles with razor bumps, irritation, and discomfort during shaving have been more pronounced among Black men. 


The mainstream grooming industry has frequently overlooked the unique needs of African American skin.

Intrinsic Shaving is the grooming companion for Black men.


Our mission is to provide the best shaving and grooming experience with products that are designed to suit your unique grooming needs that are all natural.


Unlike other mainstream shaving brands, our products are gentle and effective, providing you with a clean and comfortable shave every time.

The trend of using five-blade razors has proven to be problematic for Black skin type, often leading to increased razor bumps and skin irritation.

It's a fact that many products labeled as "universal" are simply not well-suited for Black skin.


Traditional shave creams and gels have often fallen short, leaving our skin vulnerable to irritation and discomfort.

The seemingly advanced five-blade razors, while marketed as cutting-edge, have turned out to be detrimental for our skin, exacerbating the issue of razor bumps and discomfort. 


Come join the evolution of grooming with Intrinsic Shaving!

Mjayi's Grooming Tips



Hot water and our microfiber cloth provided by INTRINSIC and unique KENZO & YAATA Non-foaming shaving cream is the best preparation for the best shave.


No Lather Up

Use the INTRINSIC shaving brush of your chosen KENSO OR YATTA shaving cream. It's different from what you normally use. The brush makes it easier for your face or head applications.

Mjayi's Grooming Tips

When you care for your skin you use the best. INTRINSIC has two shaving creams to choose from: KENSO for face shaving & YATTA for bald heads.


INTRINSIC has a non-alcoholic, non chemical after shave to protect your skin.

Massaging your skin with an ice cube fo 60 seconds followed by intrinsic aftershave and watch your skin thank you!



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