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single edge razor

Intrinsic Shaving is dedicated to providing the best shaving and grooming experience for Black Men with all-natural products.


Our gentle and effective products are designed to prevent razor bumps, skin irritation, and razor burn, unlike mainstream brands.


Traditional shaving creams and five blades have proven to be problematic for Black Skin, but Intrinsic Shaving offers a solution.


Try our products today for a smooth and comfortable shave.

Mjayi's Grooming Tips



Hot water and our microfiber cloth provided by INTRINSIC and unique KENZO & YAATA


Non-foaming shaving cream is the best preparation for the best shave.




When you care for your skin you use the best. INTRINSIC has two shaving creams to choose from: KENSO for face shaving & YATTA for bald heads.

shaving brush and single edge razor


MoisturizeINTRINSIC offers a non-alcoholic, non-chemical aftershave to soothe and moisturize skin after shaving.

Try massaging skin with ice for 60 seconds before applying for best results.


No Lather Up

Use the INTRINSIC shaving brush of your chosen KENSO OR YATTA shaving cream. It's different from what you normally use. The brush makes it easier for your face or head applications.

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