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Recognizing the 22 Qualities of a Genuine Black Man. By: Mjayi

Navigating the world today for Black men can be daunting, especially with the age-old stereotype that 'all Black Men are dangerous, violent noncommittal.

However, it's essential to remember that genuine Intrinsic Black Men, filled with integrity and respect, do exist. Here's how to recognize them:

1. He Celebrates Your Beauty A genuine Intrinsic Black Man will make you feel cherished, both inside and out. It's not just about words; his actions will reflect his admiration for you.

2. He Engages in Meaningful Conversations He's not just a passive listener. He's genuinely interested in understanding you, asking deep questions, and engaging in meaningful dialogues.

3. He's a Pillar of Inspiration He possesses unwavering strength and character, motivating you to be the best version of yourself.

4. He Values Family He's open about his family and shows genuine interest in knowing yours. He understands the importance of family bonds.

5. He Ensures You Feel Safe With him, you feel a sense of security and comfort, knowing he's always there for you.

6. He Cares About Your Inner Circle He makes an effort to connect with your close friends and family, ensuring they feel comfortable around him.

7. He's Respectful and Kind He never resorts to any form of abuse, be it emotional or physical. He understands the importance of respect in a relationship.

8. He Challenges and Supports You He pushes you to achieve your goals and is your biggest cheerleader, ensuring you always strive for the best.

9. He Understands Subtle Cues He can sense when something's amiss and won't brush off your feelings with mere words.

10. He Respects Your Boundaries He understands and respects your personal space, ensuring you always feel valued and understood.

11. He's Always Evolving He believes in self-growth and continuously works on bettering himself, not for others but for his personal development.

12. He Values Trust He understands the importance of trust in a relationship and makes consistent efforts to ensure you feel secure.

13. He's Open and Honest He's not afraid to share his feelings, fears, and aspirations, ensuring there's always open communication.

14. He's Informed and Balanced In today's world, where social issues are at the forefront, he has a balanced perspective on matters like Black Lives Matter, ensuring he's informed and understanding. 15. He's Financially Responsible While money isn't everything, a genuine Black Man understands the importance of financial stability and works towards achieving it. He's responsible with his finances and plans for the future.

16. He's Culturally Aware He respects and appreciates his cultural heritage, and he's also open to understanding and learning about others. This cultural awareness enriches your relationship with diverse experiences.

17. He Prioritizes Communication He believes that effective communication is the backbone of any strong relationship. Whether it's a minor disagreement or a significant concern, he's always ready to talk it out.

18. He's Supportive of Your Ambitions Whether you're aiming for a promotion at work or pursuing a new hobby, he's always there to support and encourage you. He celebrates your successes and helps you navigate challenges.

19. He Values Self-Care He understands the importance of mental and physical well-being. Whether it's a regular workout routine, meditation, shaving or simply taking a day off to relax, he prioritizes self-care and encourages you to do the same.

20. He's Consistent His actions and words are consistent. You don't have to second-guess his intentions because he's transparent and reliable in his behavior.

21. He's Adaptable Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. A genuine Black Man is adaptable and resilient, ready to face challenges head-on and adjust to new situations.

22. He's Respectful of Differences In a diverse world, he respects and values differences, be it in opinions, backgrounds, or beliefs. He's open-minded and doesn't shy away from constructive discussions.

While no one is perfect, genuine Black Men strive for excellence in their relationships. They are the ones who stand by you, rain or shine. If you're seeking such a man, remember to embody the qualities you admire. Like attracts like, and when you radiate positivity and authenticity, you're bound to attract the same.

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