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The Misguided Traditions of Shaving For Black Men By: Mjayi

Shaving is a ritual that many undertake, but few truly understand. Over the years, a myriad of traditions and techniques have emerged, some beneficial, while others detrimental, especially for Black Men.

This article delves into the misguided traditions of shaving, highlighting the pitfalls many fall into and offering a better approach with Intrinsic Shaving.

The Origins of Bad Shaving Habits:

For many, shaving practices are learned behaviors, often passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, not all these traditions are rooted in knowledge or understanding.

Many individuals, especially those not properly taught, resort to what's readily available at the local drugstore, Dollar tree, Dollar General, Walmart, Walgreens, or Target .

This lack of proper guidance and reliance on subpar products can lead to a host of issues.

The Plight of Black Men and Razor Bumps:

One of the most pressing concerns for Black Men is the severe razor bumps that often result from improper shaving techniques.

Some, in desperation, turn to products like Magic, a solution they apply to their face and then shave off using unconventional tools like a butter knife.

Not only is this method unsanitary, but the strong, unpleasant odor that smells like a can of farts , or bad eggs,

Trust and believe what am telling you, and if you think that I am lying just ask any other Black Men who grew up in a house hold smelling this product, from thier Dad grandfather, Uncle, older cousin or Mama's boyfriend. LoL

Once you have smelled it, the scent is etched in your brain having the whole house rockin with the smell of this product. can be off-putting.

The Five-Blade Fiasco:

A common misconception is that more blades equal a closer shave. However, for Black Men, this can be a recipe for disaster. Here's why:

  • The first blade cuts the skin.

  • The second blade lifts the hair.

  • The third blade cuts the hair closer.

  • The fourth blade, while attempting another close cut, often nicks the skin.

  • The fifth blade cuts the skin again allowing the freshly cut hair to retract back into the skin, leading to painful and unsightly razor bumps.

Intrinsic Shaving: A Revolution in Grooming: Intrinsic Shaving offers a holistic approach to shaving, emphasizing the importance of proper technique and quality products.

Our one-blade system ensures a close shave without the risk of cutting the skin multiple times.

Furthermore, Intrinsic Shaving promotes the use of non-foaming shaving cream and non-alcoholic aftershave, both of which are gentler on the skin.

The final touch? A microfiber cloth and an ice cube.

The Science of Hot and Cold:

While hot water is excellent for opening up the pores and softening the hair, it's essential to close the pores post-shave to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering.

This is where the ice cube comes into play. Cold water, or in this case, ice, constricts the pores, sealing them off after shaving. The microfiber cloth, being gentle on the skin, is perfect for this cooling process.

Shaving, when done right, can be a pain-free, even enjoyable ritual. It's time to break free from harmful traditions and embrace methods that prioritize skin health.

With Intrinsic Shaving, black men can finally achieve a smooth shave without the fear of razor bumps or skin irritation.

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