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Kenso shaving kit
  • Kenso Shaving Kit/Black


    In the world or a seasoned groomed man, who appreciates the finer things in life, the Kenson Shaving System is designed to give you a close, smooth shave every time.

    • The kit includes a sleek, ergonomic razor handle, a set of high-quality blades, and a luxurious shaving cream  and aftershave that nourishes and protects your skin.
    • Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, and razor bumps and  razor with this sophisticated and practical shaving solution.
    • Invest in the Kenson Shaving System and elevate your grooming routine to a new level of sophistication and luxury.
    • Kit includes:
    • 1. Kenso razor adjustable 1-6 levels
    • 2. Kenso Shaving Brush
    • 3. Kenso Shaving holder
    • 4. Kenso Shaving Cream non-forming
    • 5. Kenso Aftershave
    • 6. Microfiber cloth
    • 7. Razor Cleaning  brush
    SKU: KENSO181817
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